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Pope Francis a shining example to Church

I HAVE read various articles in the Belfast Telegraph revealing the refreshing, human side of Pope Francis.

I am pleasantly surprised that he admitted that many popes have been narcissistic. I am pleased that Pope Francis "experienced a mystical moment" when, on the last day of the conclave that elected him, he asked his fellow cardinals if he might have a moment of quiet solitude. During that time, he almost contemplated refusing the papacy, but sat down and said he was "struck by a great light" and then he returned to his fellow cardinals and put his signature on the act of acceptance.

Pope Francis has brought a breath of fresh air to the Holy See. He is almost comparable to Mikhail Gorbachev, developing his program of glasnost, or period of openness and transparency, in Russia (which, sadly, Vladimir Putin appears to be reversing).

For far too many centuries, the egotistical and dimly-lit nooks and crannies of the Vatican have been occupied by popes who (with a couple of exceptions) have been too obsessed with the trappings of the papacy.

By contrast, Pope Francis wants a broader-minded Church that doesn't always dwell on the hot-button issues which cause division and strife.

By Francis focusing on the sick, poor and downtrodden, he is setting a good example of what a follower of Jesus Christ should be. Thank God for Pope Francis's "mystical moment".


Longview, Texas, USA

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