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Pope's address to Parliament 'undemocratic'

I understand that during the Pope's visit to Britain he will be addressing the elected members of Britain's Parliament. I cannot help but wonder who issued this invitation?

As a believer of democracy, I thought Parliament was elected to work for the improvement of all sections of society. I have been heartened to learn the Pope has received no invitation from the Scottish Assembly nor Welsh.

As mainland Britain is more multicultural than either Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, with umpteen religious followers, surely it is within their democratic rights to ask their religious head to address Parliament.

Should such a request be refused, then British democracy will be turned on its head and become a mockery for the world to see. Living in the real world, the opportunity to earn one's crust of bread, besides sharing one's life in a multi-cultural society, is a matter for politicians.

Attaining the dream of eternal life is a separate issue that should be restricted to one's church.


Kircubbin, Co Down


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