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Pope's rulings on synod report will define him

DIVORCED and remarried Catholics are now allowed to receive communion as a result of the deliberations of the recent synod in the Catholic Church.

However, a closer examination of the final text of the assembled 270 bishops reveals they failed to achieve any significant progress on the outstanding issues confronting families in the Church.

On the issue of allowing divorced and remarried Catholics to receive communion, the drafting group of that section of the report managed, through the use of enough ambiguous language, to scrape the necessary two-thirds majority needed for its inclusion in the final report.

The issue of gay marriage was a non-starter, while the insulting language describing gay and lesbian people as having a disordered condition remains official Church language.

The possibility of women being accepted as full members of the Church, with equal access to all leadership roles and ministries, was also a non-starter.

Pope Francis must be especially disappointed the bishops couldn't accept minimum pastoral changes. However, the report is an advisory document which he can accept, reject or modify.

What he does - or does not do - with these recommendations will define his pontificate.


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