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Populist policies are costing us a better society

The two Assembly parties with the most seats gain their votes from those who are most opposed to each other: hardline unionists and republicans.

It is not in the interests of either the DUP or Sinn Fein to work towards cohesion, sharing and integration or to promote the shared future which we were promised.

If we had a genuinely desegregated society, not only would these parties lose their dominant positions, but there would be at least £1bn-a-year available for health, education, job creation and all the other matters that would improve our lives.

The present Assembly has used taxpayers' money for populist measures like free prescriptions, free travel for 60-year-olds, freezing rates and not imposing water charges at the expense of cuts to the health service, education, the arts and jobs.

They cannot agree on the Budget, on secondary education or other important issues.

Only Alliance is leading change to rid our divided society of the politics of prejudice and to create genuine equality.


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