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Positive portrayals key for LGBT people

A LETTER writer posed the question (Write Back, August 21): "Am I wrong to suspect the relentless deluge of propaganda from all directions on LGBT (issues)?"

The answer is evidently "yes". The reason any organisation took part in Belfast Pride was because they are aware of the discrimination that their LGBT employees face on daily basis.

The reason for the proliferation of LGBT issues on television, in politics, or in debates on school syllabuses is because it is now recognised by a progressive and compassionate society that burying such issues does not help either those persecuted, or society as a whole.

Young LGBT people discovering their identity in Northern Ireland can be so intimidated due to our insular culture that rates of suicide are many times those among other groups. This is directly because they don't see positive portrayals of those like themselves on TV, nor do they hear anything in sex and relationship education about what they are going through.

If we did not see LGBT influences in society, more serious questions would need to be posed than why professional organisations participate in Pride, or why LGBT people are on TV.


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