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Possibility of President Trump is appalling vista

The very real scenario where Hillary Clinton's health issues force her to drop out of the US Presidential race forces us to confront the appalling vista of a Donald Trump triumph this November.

If Clinton was forced to quit, it would give Trump an almost unstoppable momentum that even the most serious Democratic replacement would find difficult to counteract. This is reinforced by the attempted softening of Trump's xenophobic rhetoric over the last number of weeks, where his campaign team has been engaged in a persuasive and determined effort to delineate the outrageous Islamophobia, homophobia and casual patronising anti-Semitism from Trump's aggressive and personalised public discourse.

Trump has tapped into the undercurrent of American racism, which has infected every strata of society despite having an African-American President. These individuals are, for the most part, disillusioned and disenfranchised malcontents who until very recently had little or no direct connection with the wonderful aspirations of the American constitution.

This cohort is easily manipulated. It is oftentimes unemployed, undereducated and alienated from society and Trump has exploited this disaffection to maximum effect. Trump's sole political talent is an ability to inflame the resentment of this cohort and, if Clinton is forced to abandon the Presidential race, the truly appalling vista of President Trump should concern even the most disinterested.


Kinsale, Co Cork

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