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Practice questions publication failed test

It's 50 years since I took my transfer test.

But not being able to resist a challenge I have been looking over your Essential Practice Questions and was disappointed to find an English grammar error in your Saturday, April 16 edition, specifically question 36 of the Maths 3 of 3 paper.

Question 36 asks: "Which of the two shaded shapes has the largest area?" This should read: "Which of the TWO shaded shapes has the larger area?"

When comparing two of anything, the 'comparative' is used; the 'comparative' of the noun 'large' is 'larger'. The word 'largest' is the 'superlative', used when there are three or more things to be considered.

It's rather disappointing to find this error in any circumstance, but for a transfer test it's unforgivable.


Ballyclare, Co Antrim

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