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Praise is due for our health service

There is a lot said in the Press these days about the health service and how they are failing the public on many levels.

Having just come through major heart surgery and a slow and lengthy recovery, I feel compelled to tell the other side of the story.

From my diagnosis through my time in hospital, I can only describe my care by both the doctors and nursing staff as highly professional and caring in the extreme.

I feel I must single out the nursing care which I received in Belfast City Hospital. I was so well cared for that it would have been easy to imagine that I was the only patient on the ward (which, of course, I was not as this was a very busy ward).

There was, however, one aspect of my care that overshadowed even that received at the City Hospital and that was the care I received from my local GP and the district nursing staff at home.

These district nurses are, without doubt, some of the most professional and dedicated people in our community. I cannot praise them enough.

We seldom hear of the good they do, but believe me, without them our situation would be truly dire.


Co Antrim

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