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Precious Life ad, Ashers and right to free speech

In Friday's Belfast Telegraph (February 5) there was a large advert placed by Precious Life (an unelected body) in which there is a crude attack on three named, elected MLAs for seeking to amend the law on abortion. This law has been held to be in contravention of European human rights law.

The Precious Life ad contains graphic language about abortion (children will be torn violently from their mother's womb, "left struggling for breath until they die", and "say no to the brutal murder of the most vulnerable and defenceless unborn").

Even if true, the language used remains unacceptably brutal and gratuitous.

In comparison I find the words 'Support gay marriage' on a cake to be entirely inoffensive.

I applaud the Editor of the Belfast Telegraph for printing the advert.

However, I am left wondering what the Ashers and Precious Life supporters would have said if the Editor had decided not to accept the advert on the grounds it utterly lacked compassion and sensitivity, was entirely in bad taste, and its object was against her deeply held beliefs?

Would they say she had been right to do so?


Claudy, Co Londonderry

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