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Prejudice must be stamped out

The LGBT Holocaust Remembrance event at Belfast City Hall last Friday was well attended and a welcome reminder of the suffering that results from an old maxim: all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

In this year of commemoration, it is essential that good people do something.

We must never again allow entire groups of people to be ostracised, or be victims of prejudice in any way, on the basis of their sexuality (or of their religion, or anything else). The results of such exclusion can be appalling.

We are surrounded by prejudice. Blood bans are an obvious example, but there are subtler examples of attempts to suggest people are members of an "out group" because of the positions they take, not least on what happened in the past. To challenge this, we need to be vocal.

Peace and democracy can never be taken for granted; to maintain them and ensure a society without prejudice, good people will always have to be doing something.


Belfast City Council

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