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Presbyterian Moderator should condemn political leaders for corruption, greed and sectarianism

letter of the day: assembly crisis

At this time of political crisis, it is often the case that Church leaders step in and give words of advice and some comfort.

True to form, the current Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, Dr Frank Sellar, has done just that, praying that our politicians should have "abundant grace and wisdom, so that a vision for the common good will emerge".

To be fair, he also said that, for society and institutions, by which I think he means government, to function well, "there must be integrity, a commitment to openness, generosity of spirit and co-operation for the common good".

However, when criticising bonfires previously, he was much more explicit. He said that: "They are not bonfires fuelled by inclusiveness, respect and healing, but a means by which we pass on to succeeding generations the sins of our fathers."

Surely, as a Christian leader, if he feels it appropriate to chastise the young bonfire-builders as being guilty of passing on sin, he should also call out our political leaders for their sins of corruption, greed and blatant sectarianism?

Likewise, with the lack of integrity around the RHI scheme, as Moderator, he should call on any Presbyterian Church involved in the scheme to either withdraw, or hand back any monies accrued from the operation of the scheme, beyond recouping the boiler price.

Surely, it is more sinful for a Church to make money off the back of the taxpayers than for young people to build a bonfire?

Church leaders have a role in being salt and light in a dark world, but if that salt is applied with partiality, or if that light is only shone on the lower sections of society, then it is neither salt or light.

For many, the Stormont crisis has been fuelled by greed, a lust for power, the lack integrity and, most of all, the total lack of humility.

I do trust that the Moderator, when he next speaks, rather than skirting round our issues, will do so with clarity and directness, like salt that stings in an open wound.


Portadown, Co Armagh

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