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Presbyterian Mutual Society: Will the church decry the actions of politicians?

Yet again the plight of the Presbyterian Mutual Society was raised in Parliament, and yet again senior churchmen queued up to applaud our local politicians for the work they have done on behalf of the investors.

However, should the church really be surprised that no resolution is forthcoming thus far?

Surely the role of any church is to stand as a beacon for right, and to call men and women to account for their actions?

Is this what the Presbyterian Church is, or has been, doing?

We all know the current raft of politicians that the church is relying on have at least a whiff of scandal attached to them.

Looking at some of the politicians' behaviour, the last thing one would expect is a church to be commending them.

Would Elijah, Isaiah, Amos or Daniel commend Northern Ireland's politicians - or would they condemn their deeds?

Now clearly in normal circumstances you do not wish to bite the hand that feeds you, but the church has a responsibility to stand out against what is wrong.

So in the maelstrom that is the PMS crisis, has any leading Presbyterian minister told our politicians that the expenses scandal was wrong, that their responses to various scandals were inadequate, or that no blessing will come to any country if the leadership acts in an evil way?

I dare say the Old Testament prophets would. I wonder if any will do it today?




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