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Press: leave our Rory alone over Olympics choice

SURELY certain sections of the media must be violating Rory McIlroy's privacy when they publish their opinion of what country he should play for in the 2016 Olympic Games?

With four years to go before the games commence, I ask the media: have you nothing better to do than start a bombardment of religious and political coercion to influence Rory?

International and Olympic rules are scrutinised in detail, hopefully, the media believes, to create a fait accompli, where Rory becomes obliged to accept the pressure inflicted upon him.

Northern Ireland is Rory's birthplace, where, to name but two, Mary Peters, our Olympic gold medallist, and Pat Jennings, our international goalkeeper, both have had no problem being recognised by the Olympic Committee.

Whether Rory plays for the Republic of Ireland, or Team GB, or Timbuktu, I will support him for the sportsman he is.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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