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Priest's Ashers letter needs clarification

In response to the letter from Fr Patrick McCafferty (Write Back, May 26) about the Ashers ruling, he ended his letter with "it (the Equality Commission) can expect the opposition of every Christian faithful to the Gospel".

This is at best patronisingly presumptuous and clearly ignores the fact that people have intellect and reasoning powers and can work out their own views individually, taking into account all aspects of a complicated scenario.

He should remember that the final ruling was that of the courts, not the commission, so I assume he would extend his opposition to the rule of law.

More importantly, however, his final statement is astounding: "We will oppose it (the Equality Commission) at every turn."

This is clearly saying that he is expecting every Christian faithful to the Gospel to oppose every ruling of the commission. What else could "at every turn" mean?

Logically, that would include that they would oppose a verdict in favour of Christians.

If this is not what he meant, he should retract it and rephrase it, because, as it stands, this particular sentence of his letter is blatantly irresponsible for anyone to say - never mind someone in his sphere of influence.


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