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Prince is right to use role for better planet

I was disgusted by Julie Burchill's vehement attack (Comment, August 19) on the Prince of Wales and his tour of Britain to promote living in more sustainable ways.

The Prince works tirelessly through the Prince's Trust and should be congratulated.

As a planet it is clear we are living far beyond what will sustain us in the long run.

To suggest that "every single leader and spokesperson [of the Green movement] is filthy rich" discredits thousands of people who care, work, and speak up for better environmental standards.

Being wealthy or in a privileged position can provide unique opportunities to spend unpaid time influencing.

The Prince has put his position to good use in things that matter for us now, and for our children later.

While Julie Burchill is away, perhaps she could reflect how she might use her privileged position as a columnist to make a positive difference rather than to just criticise.


St Albans, Hertfordshire


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