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Prison is the only place for dangerous extremists and the criminally-minded... not TV documentaries

letter of the day: national concerns

It turns out that one of the murderers that slashed and stabbed innocent people in the latest London terror attack was previously featured in a Channel 4 documentary about extremist Jihadis - watched by 1.2 million people, no less.

How on earth can a televised 'murder-ready' killer not then be monitored/tagged by the authorities, which would have saved numerous lives?

It is akin to no subsequent action being taken if Jimmy Savile had been permitted, somehow, to indulge his perverted views on national television.

Just like the revolting, masked teens allowed to brag on a recent Channel 5 documentary about knifing people, the place for criminals and the dangerously criminally-minded is behind bars and away from the law-abiding public - and sensationalist TV shows.

People must be held to account for what they say, in the same way that someone even joking at Heathrow Airport about having a bomb in his suitcase will be instantly arrested.

The brain-aching stupidity of letting unmonitored, uncontrolled and untagged individuals with deranged mentalities roam the streets is, effectively, helping to set up the next attack.

Perversely, this country's will to fund the bombing and terrorising of innocent people abroad - or to sell arms for others to join in the slaughter - is demonstrably greater than the will to properly finance its own police and Army to protect UK citizens from violent - often home-grown - terrorists.


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