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Private march is answer to parades mess

Concerned Orange Resident (Write Back, June 22) wants Orange parades to be peaceful. Well, that is pretty easy to achieve. Just stop having them, or only parade in private.

People talk about the marching season like it is inevitable and unpreventable. Something like the arrival of spring or summer.

In reality it is a choice. Orangemen do not have to parade.

They claim they choose to parade because it is a celebration of their culture. Well, if celebrating your culture necessitates excluding and alienating many of your fellow citizens, then perhaps it is time to examine your culture.

Remember public executions, witch-burning and bull or bear-baiting used to be part of our culture, too, until intelligence and public abhorrence prevailed.

The Orange Order promotes their parades as being a celebration on a par with something like Mardi Gras, while in reality they are not.

Anyone can participate in Mardi Gras whereas only Protestants can march in an Orange parade. How is that for a non inclusive celebration?

If Orangemen really need to parade, why don't they rent a large football stadium, invite all their friends and march there all day until their hearts are content.

As far as I can see that is a win-win solution that will fully meet Concerned Orange Resident's objectives.


Toronto, Canada


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