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Privatising government would save millions

As each day passes, another public inquiry begins - this time an inquiry into child abuse at a care home in Wales.

I have to ask: what do these inquiries achieve? Other than a never-ending drain on the public purse, the simple answer is: nothing.

We had the Bloody Sunday inquiry. That cost around £200m. Then we had the banking inquiry. That cost millions, with not a guilty person jailed. But, worse still, the culprits retired with a golden handshake and a pension.

Quickly following this came the Leveson inquiry into the Press (at present ongoing), which will undoubtedly cost more millions of taxpayers' money and achieve little, or nothing.

Now add to this the Savile inquiry, which at the moment is in its infancy. Goodness knows what that will cost.

Of course, we must not forget the inquiry that lasted eight years; the one involving a very evil man, Abu Hamsa, costing millions in legal fees, not to mention the cost of keeping him incarcerated.

The common denominator in this farce is the Government. Such pathetic exercises of costly incompetence to the taxpayer; such an indictment of the inability to govern.

I believe that the sooner the Government is privatised, the better; where intelligent, educated, business people, who have the brains to become successful, can apply their skills in the best interests of society.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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