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Pro-abortionists seem unmoved that hospitals in Great Britain are being turned into killing fields

letter of the day: lack of compassion

Fionola Meredith (Comment, March 17) attacks the PSNI over their raid on premises suspected of holding abortion pills; meanwhile, money is donated to the Abortion Support Network to help women go to England to have their child killed lawfully.

In that country, where abortion is available on demand, they can have full confidence that their wish will be granted.

What abortion law exists is flouted with little fear of consequences.

Professor Wendy Savage, of the British Medical Association's council, declares that sex-selective abortion should be legal, otherwise the well-being of the eventual child, or the mental health of the mother, would be at stake. Ridiculous.

She is described as a "women's rights campaigner". Her conception of such rights includes the right to abort at any stage. She hides behind the term "foetus" to deny the humanity of the baby and avoid calling such butchery infanticide.

There is a baby in development from conception despite what pro-abortionists say. Premature babies of 22 weeks are being saved.

Are they not human? Yet, one of similar age can be killed in the same hospital.

What drives such a compassionless attitude? I suspect that it is based on evolutionary theory, that sees humans as mere animals.

Ms Meredith expresses her outrage at the 500 children brutally attacked by paramilitaries.

She is unmoved by the fact that 200,000 children are destroyed annually in Great Britain, where hospitals have become killing fields.


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