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Problems in Holylands area

I was interested to read Mr Mitchell's letter (Write Back, April 21) entitled 'Parking problems in the Holylands'.

As someone who walks through the area daily on my way to and from work in the city centre, I can confirm his version of parking and driving problems.

I used to travel via Agincourt Avenue, but I changed my route after numerous incidents of abuse and indecent exposure from drinkers in the front gardens of these once fine houses. I feel immensely sorry for the parents with children who have no choice but to take this route to a school in the Botanic area and to the Gardens.

Last year, I changed my route yet again after being assaulted (for the second time, I may add) on Rugby Avenue at 5.30pm on a lovely summer afternoon.

I am now forced to contemplate changing my route yet again after being the victim of an attempted mugging by a gang of drunkards on University Avenue on Wednesday, April 23.

I know many people traverse the Holylands on their way to and from work, and wonder just how many incidents like this go unreported and unrecorded.

The area is fast becoming an exemplar of bad planning and town cramming.

Any chance of a lift Mr Mitchell?



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