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Problems over station parking

Harassed pedestrian from Moira (Write Back, February 3) complains about the disgraceful parking on the footpath near Moira railway station and asks what the police are doing about it.

From a driver’s perspective I can concur with the views expressed as I find it almost impossible to see pedestrians on Station Road at night when I am meeting another car.

It would, however, seem that most of the pedestrians are in

deed the selfish motorists returning to their cars where they have been abandoned on the footpath for most of the working day. The answer to the writer’s question is quite simple — the police, in my opinion, are doing little about it.

They are content to enforce the law and prosecute drivers slightly over the speed limit.

It is clear to me that the police do almost anything except real police work, such as catching burglars, drunk drivers and those who beat up pensioners.

It would better to enforce the law at Moira station than wait until some pedestrian dies.

Harassed driver


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