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Problems with a paperless world are clear in Japan

The absurdity of a paperless world due to the current obsession with digital technology and IT was clearly demonstrated to me during a recent visit to Japan to attend a business conference.

During one of the breaks I had recourse to visit the lavatory. I assumed I would see the familiar white porcelain of the well-known firm Armitage Shanks.

What I saw was a piece of complicated apparatus, which had several buttons and dials on it with instructions in Japanese.

I discovered it produced a blast of hot air, cold air and a strange mist of scented white powder. There did not appear to be any water present; instead, it seemed to work on a vacuum principle (rather like on airlines).

I was unable to determine whether the appliance had the ability to dispense any lavatory paper. Fortunately, my wife was kind enough to pack a roll of Andrex into my laptop bag.

It is clear that, if the current paperless trend continues, the world will really be in a worse mess than it already is.



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