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Process poses greater threats than benefits

With respect to fracking, earthquakes are the least of our worries. Fracking involves drilling 1,800 metres down, then horizontally the same distance.

Water, sand and chemicals are forced down the hole - the pressure splitting the shale and releasing the gas.

The gas forces 40% of the liquid back up the shaft, now contaminated with volatile chemicals and harmful carcinogenic metals.

The really negative effects come from contamination of water and soil, as seen in Pennsylvania in 2010. The result was sick animals and people, contaminated crops and air pollution.

The promised job creation will be outweighed by job losses in agriculture and tourism - crops will be blacklisted, property devalued and landscapes scarred.

An outright ban on fracking - as there is in France and Germany - is the only answer.


Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh


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