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Professor Zubov's brave stance on Ukraine deserves Nobel Peace Prize

PRINCE Charles's reported remark that Russia's President Putin is "doing some of the same things that Hitler was doing" (News, May 22) seems to be a fair comparison.

On the day Russian lawmakers voted to give President Putin permission to send troops into Ukraine, historian Andrei Borisovich Zubov said: "We must not behave the way Germans once behaved, based on the promises of Goebbels and Hitler."

Zubov was then dismissed by the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, a diplomatic school with ties to the foreign ministry, for criticising Russia's foreign policy. Professor Zubov bravely justified his opinion by saying: "I am afraid, but there are situations in which you have to act, regardless of your own fear."

I invite academic institutions to nominate Professor Zubov for the Nobel Peace Prize, thereby giving him international recognition for his brave stance for democracy. The honour would also give him a status that may protect him from possible reprisals.


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