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Profile on Givan was naive about DUP opponents

THE Belfast Telegraph profile of Paul Givan - "A politician on a mission" (Saturday Review, December 20) - furthers marginalisation and division.

A significant minority has been moved to petition against the legislation proposed by a single politician and supported by a few score colleagues, only to be lambasted with the emotive label "self-styled liberals", a label that undermines inclusion.

The number of people who object to the "mission", or just shrug their shoulders, is - and will remain, in spite of the political process - unknown. To suggest, as Alex Kane does in his closing paragraphs, that "those who oppose the socio/moral platform of the DUP... stop huffing and puffing on their high moral ground and take them on at the ballot box" is naive.

The "gay cake" is mistakenly seen as the root of the conscience clause. Both are the symptoms of a history of intolerance, the need to highlight identity differences rather than similarities and ideas and beliefs absorbed, from generation to generation.

The Equality Commission, established by the Northern Ireland Act 1998, has undertaken to test the pertinent discrimination laws in court. Mr Givan, as chairperson of the justice committee, spoke the now infamous words "we don't need evidence" and has seen fit to transcend legal structures governing society by exploiting his political mandate to interfere with the tenets of secular law.

Is it not correct to await the outcome of legal proceedings and then weigh the evidence before altering the law?


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