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Progress made at NI Water

As usual, John Simpson (Business Telegraph, July 27) hit the nail on the head on the challenges facing NI Water as it emerges from a turbulent period.

However, even after just a month as a director of the revamped interim board, I can see two big positives which he may be overlooking.

1. Courtesy of NI Water, we have the cleanest and highest-quality water in Ireland (and we have plentiful supplies at a time when Dublin is facing a water crisis).

2. The headquarters of NI Water have been moved to the heart of north Belfast. As a £360m company with more than 1,300 employees, we're sending out the signal that our often-disadvantaged areas can be beacons of employment and endeavour.

Given John Simpson's own work over many years to turn around the image of our most under-served areas, I know that's a development which will give him cheer.


Managing director, Belfast Media Group


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