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'Progressive' marriage view questionable

Eamonn Gormley (Write Back, March 21) would have us believe "a straight person complaining about gay marriage is like a vegetarian complaining about a total stranger eating a hamburger".

His comparison is based on the premise that the main purpose of marriage is to give legal status to a permanent loving relationship between two people and that the greater good of individual freedom of expression precludes discrimination against those who wish to marry a member of the same sex as themselves. This is much more questionable.

What he is doing is trying to change the definition of marriage to suit his 'progressive' agenda. It is this sort of sleight-of-hand used by so many 'progressives' that I, and others, find so objectionable.

If this line of thought were taken to its logical conclusion, we should abolish all restrictions on whom one can marry, since 'love must conquer all'.


Salford, Greater Manchester

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