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Pro-life based on defence of human rights

THE pro-life position opposing abortion is a position based on the defence of human rights. Human life begins at the moment of conception, when, after fertilisation, we are genetically complete.

All the information regarding our fundamental make-up is present at this moment. This is the beginning of all our lives.

A just society would recognise that human rights are conferred at this point. The pro-life movement was set up to defend the right to life and the human rights of the human being in the womb – all human life, regardless of gender, creed, or colour.

A society which fails, or refuses, to recognise the humanity of the unborn is an unjust one and this leads to a general devaluing of all our lives. The right to life is the most fundamental right of all and our society needs to recognise this in law.

In cases where the mother's life is directly at risk because of pregnancy, there is an argument of a life for a life, but the human rights of both parties would at least be recognised before any decision was made.


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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