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Proper policing of society does not come cheap

I refer to the front page of your edition of May 13, which told the horrific story of Betty Young, who I hope makes a good recovery from her ordeal.

Part of the article informed your readers of the budget shortfall facing the PSNI and the effects that this has on everyday policing.

Last year, in June, a PSNI recruitment campaign commenced using the facilitator Deloitte to conduct initial testing. Candidates who moved into the merit pool were informed that Deloitte would have no further input and that the PSNI would then be responsible for the final stages.

Shortly after this, my son received a letter in December from PSNI recruitment, saying that, due to budgetary restraints, the campaign had ceased.

My understanding is that recruitment might not recommence until 2018, by which time policing will be in a desperate state. I wonder what was the cost of this campaign to nowhere?

Do our politicians not realise that proper policing of society does not come cheap? I have no confidence that Stormont politicians are able to agree on any overall budget.

By being unable to replace natural wastage of the PSNI, the Chief Constable will find that his officers will have more cases such as Betty Young's.


Newtownards, Co Down

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