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Prosecution of pastor shows political bias

Fionola Meredith is correct (DebateNI, October 2) when she says political correctness has become a weapon of intolerance to silence those whose views don't chime with a liberal/fascist agenda.

I fail to see how Pastor McConnell can be prosecuted when Muslim preachers have been shown on TV spewing out things far more hateful than anything the pastor said.

And you can see jihadists in the UK any time on YouTube doing the same, even on our news screens.

Yet they are not brought to court.

And with the proposed Extremist Disruption Orders which the Government wants to bring in, supposedly to defeat radicalism, we can be sure Christians will be the first to be targeted, just as they have been by Ofsted inspectors in schools, rather than the Muslim extremists exposed by the Trojan Horse scandal who were the source of it.


Tandragee, Co Armagh

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