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Protected market an economic solution

Free trade and a single market is not always the best option, as it favours the big, well-established corporations to the detriment of small businesses.

Imagine a company starting from scratch - let's say in computers.

Such a company would need decades of Government funding and would have to enter a protected market for another long period of time before it could compete on an equal footing with the other established corporations. Nokia's entry into the mobile phone market followed this scenario.

Turning to the European Single Market, it is no advantage to anyone if products in the shops are cheap due to economies of scale, but no one can buy them due to regional unemployment.

What advantage is it to have basic foodstuffs, for example, imported from abroad when the same products could be produced regionally providing people in each region with employment and the accompanying spending power to purchase those products?

Louis Shawcross

Hillsborough, Co Down

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