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Protesters back to attacking Jews as a soft target

The thought struck me at the weekend, as I watched the protests outside CastleCourt against the simple presence of Jewish products being sold inside, that none of the usual suspects have as yet been moved to perform the routine candlelit vigil or mass workers' rally at City Hall to show solidarity with those massacred in Paris, or with the gallant French nation.

Where is the republican Left in Belfast now? Or, indeed, the trade unions so keen to show their colours for other causes?

I wouldn't have expected to see Amnesty International, as they have long forsaken any pretence of allying themselves with innocent members of the public murdered by terrorists anywhere.

It's a reflection of how our own terrorism has poisoned our culture forever that it is now impossible for the civic world here even to go through the public motions of showing solidarity.

The fact we would have been forced to acknowledge "all the dead" of the attacks - including the murderers - means no such ceremony is possible. A pity, but not a surprise.

Back to attacking the Jews for us then.


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