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Protesters destroy state they claim to love

During the 1970s and 1980s, the IRA's stated aim was to make Northern Ireland non-viable as an economic entity by hitting the British taxpayer in the pocket.

Northern Ireland is still an economic burden on the rest of the UK, but things had been improving for the past few years.

While the current protests continue, these so-called 'loyalists' are doing the job the IRA tried to do in the past. Business people only see balance-sheets - not flag-flying schedules.

Even though these protesters may not realise it, there is a big world beyond Northern Ireland for companies to invest in.

How can they complain about jobs and investment in their areas, while at the same time wrecking these areas? We now have the bizarre situation where Sinn Fein ministers in Stormont are trying to make Northern Ireland economically viable, while people who claim to love Northern Ireland try to destroy it.

Since David Cameron seems keen on holding a referendum on EU membership, I would suggest he also has one on keeping Northern Ireland part of the UK. If it is worded "Do you want Northern Ireland to remain part of the UK?" I would guess that most people would tick 'Yes'.

However, if it was worded "Do you want Northern Ireland to remain part of the UK? Oh, by the way, this will cost you £100-per-year in extra taxes?" I'm guessing there might be a different response.


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