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Province needs to engage fully with AV vote

Robin Newton (Write Back, April 22) makes the argument that there is little interest in Northern Ireland with regards to the upcoming AV referendum.

He says that, without putting too fine a point on it, there would perhaps be more interest in the referendum if the political parties, media outlets and civil societyl took a more active role in arguing about the proposed change.

Is it any wonder few people here are aware of it if there is no significant mention of it from local politicians (including its supposed 'supporters' in the Alliance party).

Mr Newton cannot claim a lack of interest due to his and other parties' indifference as a reason for opposing a Yes vote - much less to support a No vote.

While I am sure that jobs, education and health are of importance to the electorate, it should be pointed out that, with AV likely to produce a result that is more representative of voters' wishes, this can only serve to shape health, jobs and other important issues in a way that the electorate would want.




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