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Provisional IRA: it hasn't gone away you know

The Brian Rowan commentary piece, 'The enemy within won't let the IRA go away' (Comment, February 22) highlights the hypocrisy and political twilight zone Northern Ireland currently inhabits.

Analysing Mr Rowan's article, the following conclusions can be made: the IRA (Provos), as an organisation, still exists; the IRA (Provos) still have weapons; the IRA (Provos) still use the threat of these weapons - and, indeed, their use - to keep others, namely the dissidents, in check.

Clearly this is totally contrary to every premise used to support and sustain Sinn Fein's presence in government.

Clearly this runs totally contrary to the democratic principles espoused by the DUP when entering government with Sinn Fein.

Finally, accepting that Mr Rowan is correct, the DUP then have no grounds for castigating the Ulster Unionists for doing anything in 1998 because today, in 2011, the IRA remains in existence, remains armed and the DUP are sharing power with them in the guise of Sinn Fein.

So, as we approach another Assembly election, can Peter Robinson, Sammy Wilson, Gregory Campbell, Jeffrey Donaldson etc please explain why they are in government - nay joined at the hip - with representatives of an armed terrorist organisation when they explicitly said they never would be?


Millisle, Co Down


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