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Provos' legacy to blame for evil of al-Qaida

I wonder if the international leaders reacting to the al-Qaida terrorist threat in Europe's backyard know where the tools and tactics of terror originated from?

The remote controlled IED, vehicle bomb, human proxy bomb, horizontal mortar, 'tiger' kidnapping and barrack-buster mortar were developed, used to murderous effect and then passed on to other terrorists through PIRA/Sinn Fein's outreach programme.

Abducting an innocent Catholic workman, tying him into a vehicle filled with explosives, forcing him to drive to an Army checkpoint and blowing him and five young soldiers to pieces is chillingly similar to the fate of the Western hostages in Algeria, who had Semtex bombs hung around their necks. The only difference was they escaped before detonation.

When the Armani clad, smooth-tongued, local godfathers of terrorism lecture us from TV, or radio, on collusion, equality and a shared future, we would do well to remember their deadly past. We must remind others of the evil legacy they have left the world.


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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