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PSNI must now pursue justice for all victims

Yesterday marked the 36th anniversary of the Narrow Water bombs, which killed 18 soldiers, and the murder of Lord Mountbatten. Both acts resulted in the deaths of 22 people. There was no mention of this anniversary in the media, nor would one expect it, as the only anniversaries given any coverage are those which republicans blatantly use in an effort to rewrite history and cast the RUC and Army as war criminals.

This week I visited the Narrow Water memorial to remember two very good friends of mine who were among those killed on that day in 1979. As usual, republicans from south Armagh had trashed the memorial and it occurred to me how little had changed here. Today we learn from Alex Attwood that he was told by Peter Sheridan that the PSNI allowed those who had "forensically cleansed" the crime scene of the murder of Robert McCartney to get off being charged with perverting the course of justice, thus denying his family that basic human right.

On Wednesday evening the Chief Constable sat on a public forum in Londonderry with members of Sinn Fein. He gave assurances to the Bloody Sunday relatives that he would look into their claims of PSNI inactivity, etc. Perhaps he could give us the same assurance that he will revisit the McCartney killing to see if there were PSNI errors in investigation and perhaps he might reopen the Narrow Water massacre files and see if any of the republican godfathers could be brought to account for this atrocity.

We also need and deserve justice, or are we not worth his efforts?

lisburn ex-serviceman

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