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PSNI officers bombarded during second night of rioting

The Newtownards Road is awash with terrorist flags. There is also a brand new mural glorifying terrorists. Then the same terrorist gang put on masks and surgical gloves to set about attacking nationalist homes.

This is deliberately orchestrated violence to inflame further conflict. The UVF think they can have their way through this strategy. The UVF thrives on conflict and sees no reward in peace. The UVF is not serving the loyalist community through this violence. The only people they are attempting to serve is themselves.


CnrBoy: I agree 100% that the authorities should come down hard on these idiots, but you are being very one-sided. The IRA were involved in this as well, or am I to be told they have gone away, or did Gerry not say they hadn't gone away. I get so confused, so many masks. I think they're just freelance now - Teflon terrorists. Nothing sticks to them. The fact is, republicans are active in this area, attacks on loyalist homes have been common for the past decade, so please do not try to paint this as the big bad loyalists and the poor defenceless republicans.


Do not be alarmed, people. This was merely a SPAT (Special Adviser Training). SPAT is a programme that allows young people from both sides of the community to come together to develop the skills necessary to improve employment prospects in today's competitive, but, of course, non-advertised, job market.

McFartle Industries

Rory returns to a hero's welcome

Well done, wee man. A story Northern Ireland can be proud of for a change.

Bacon Baps

Well done, mate.


I'm not into golf, but I think Rory comes across as someone we can be very proud of. Well done.

Belfast Bap


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