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PSNI pressures could be eased by downsizing

I READ with interest Deborah McAleese's article outlining Chief Constable Matt Baggott's views on the financial pressures affecting the PSNI (News, July 11). There are a few comments I would make.

At the beginning of the Northern Ireland Troubles, in 1969/70, the RUC consisted of just over 3,000 officers. Naturally, this number increased substantially as the terrorist campaign increased.

Recent figures made public state that there are in the region of 7,500 PSNI officers of all ranks, plus upwards of 500 agency support and administrative staff - almost three-times since 1969/70.

While there is still a 'residual' threat, or 'severe terrorist threat', from terrorist groups (depending on who is speaking), it must be difficult to substantiate the current numbers of PSNI staff.

I look forward to a response from the Chief Constable via the columns of the Belfast Telegraph.


Bangor, Co Down

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