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PSNI promises hundreds of flag arrests

Wow. That's really going to calm things down. Are there even any ongoing protests now?


Reality1960: I hope I'm not reading your comment wrongly, but are you suggesting that, as the rioting has eased (at present), then the police shouldn't arrest people? I apologise if I have misunderstood you, but if that is what you are suggesting, that is a dangerous road to go down. Do they not arrest shoplifters, or burglars, when they stop for a while?


If any crime is committed, there should be no statue of limitations. A few weeks should make no difference.

Cult Creature

Reality1960: Em, yes. People are still being held to ransom by these so-called 'peaceful protesters'. As someone who works in Belfast city centre, I have had to leave work early on numerous occasions, thereby losing wages, having to be diverted many times on my way home, getting caught up in protests and - best of all - having to get off my bus and walk over a mile in the wind and rain.

Clare Bear

What about the republican rioters? Sweep, sweep.


BlueNoseBobert: What republican rioters? Do you mean the people who had to protect their homes from these zombies?

Irish Prod

These benefit-grabbing criminals are attacking the homes of hardworking nationalists.


They should have arrested the ringleaders on the night of the disturbances and had them in court the next morning. There is no deterrent value if the arrests happen a month after the crime.


The PSNI should be arresting anyone that breaks the law. That's the sort of service our modern society deserves.


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