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PSNI's pettiness over part-time officers must end

I READ with interest Jane Steven's letter, 'Cheaper part-timers can plug gap in PSNI's staffing' (Write Back, September 28), and feel I can offer an explanation as to why senior PSNI management will not implement the quite obvious financial savings by using part-time officers at £12 per hour as opposed to using a full-time officer on overtime and paying out £40 per hour.

The sad truth is that a number of part-time officers have recently successfully legally challenged the PSNI with out-of-court settlements in which some received £50,000.

As a consequence, the PSNI slashed the amount of hours worked by part-timers to 12, while hiding behind the reason of enforced budget cuts.

Until it addresses this ridiculous waste of public monies, the PSNI should drop its campaign of petty vindictiveness against part-time officers and use this effective resource efficiently.


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