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PSNI's support for Pride parade is not only a threat to impartiality, but interferes in political affairs too

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Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

I found the Chief Constable's excuse for the PSNI's support of the Pride parade in Belfast (News, August 19) very weak and unconvincing.

As Chief Constable, he would be expected to attend many meetings of all shades of opinion and these would not be considered a problem.

However, decorating police vehicles and having a contingent of police (some holding placards clearly stating the support of the PSNI for the Pride parade) marching in an event which advocated gay 'marriage' so strongly is altogether different and is not only not being impartial, but is interfering with the political affairs of Northern Ireland by adding to pressure for the Assembly to act in a certain way. I find this very reprehensible. And so do many others.

And how can he be sure there are 'very many unreported hate crimes' if they are unreported? Is this just anecdotal?

And does the PSNI have the same definition of hate crime as the police in England - ie if someone takes offence at something said by another regarding LGBT issues, that is considered hate, even though what is said may be perfectly true?

This reasoning makes a nonsense of free speech.

By all means, prosecute those who attack homes, or people, of LGBT views, as this is totally wrong. But please don't go down the road of further stifling honest dissent by calling it a hate crime - whether reported or otherwise.


Tandragee, Co Armagh

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