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Psychiatrists pulling wool over parents' eyes

Well-meaning parents and teachers are being duped by the psychiatric industry into thinking children have various kinds of mental problems that potentially require psychiatric intervention and treatments.

At a recent teachers' union annual conference, it was suggested young children were suffering from panic attacks, anxiety and depression. This idea came about following a survey of union members, which concluded children as young as four were troubled.

There can be no doubt that parents and teachers - those hugely important people in the lives of young children - want the best for them. If they observe things that are not consistent with normal childhood development, of course they are going to do something to assist the child, so that he, or she, can reach their full potential.

Psychiatric concerns, however, should not be put in the same category as parental love, or the natural, altruistic care of teachers.

By neatly re-labelling every conceivable kind of misbehaviour as a mental illness, psychiatry has established turf in the classroom. It has also legitimised the use of drugs to 'treat' this misbehaviour.

Every attempt to eliminate, or even reduce, this widespread and persistent practice is doomed to failure as long as psychiatric diagnoses are accepted as bona fide illnesses. No progress will be possible in these areas until the swindle is exposed and sanity is restored to our concept of human activity.


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