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Public can support Boyne Bridge plea


Some of your readers may be aware of the campaign to save the Boyne Bridge in Belfast from being demolished under Translink's Hub proposals.

Surprisingly, I find myself leading the campaign.

I say "surprisingly" because for such an important historical icon for the island of Ireland, especially Belfast, I would have thought that many of our well-informed citizens, who normally could be relied upon to champion historical issues like the Boyne Bridge, would have expressed their opposition publicly long ago.

The recently formed Boyne Bridge Defenders Historical Group does not have the financial resources to spend on a campaign, so the group are looking at all possible ways to get information out to the general public.

Members wish the public to know that they have the opportunity to express their opposition to the proposal to demolish the bridge.

An easy way to do this is by signing the online petition.

There is a link to it on the website:

Billy Dickson Bem

Boyne Bridge Defenders

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