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Public ill-equipped to make decision on EU

We all like to think that we are a civilised, educated society. Yes, we are all very bright and doing well, thank you, until such things as referendums appear. Then it quickly becomes apparent just how dumbed down we have become.

Just think for a moment. Could you sit in an exam hall at this precise moment and complete a 40-minute essay with accurate details, dates, times, quotes and a deep understanding of everything concerning the EU?

A wise person would be struggling to choose which way to vote, while the less gifted have already made their minds up without any thought to the future.

"It's the immigrants!" "It's the economy!" Mindless mantras repeated endlessly by the completely uninformed and unimaginative.

This raises the question: why were we all given the chance to vote in the first place, if only a tiny percentage of the population knows anything about the subject?

It beggars belief, because this isn't a local council affair; this is the life and death of our nation.

The wrong choice is more than likely going to send our lives into a catastrophic tailspin, with no way out.

All that has happened is that we have become polarised into two bitter, opposing groups.


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