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Public need to know MPs' expenditure

The debate concerning MPs' expenses and income rumbles on, much to the dismay of the public.

Some time ago I sought information from Westminster, but delays and excuses have been raised to avoid giving details. Law-abiding citizens must be amazed at the audacity of these representatives. There is nothing to prevent NI MPs disclosing all their perks, including substantial pension funds.

Why not set an example for the rest of the UK and divulge how the public money is being expended, rather than follow the example of Bertie Ahern.

But, of course, maybe they are in training for their new role in the all-Ireland state which their policies will inevitably bring about.

Any business is required to be in a position to verify expenditure and documentation has to be retained for six years to satisfy any inquiry; £250 in expenses, it seems, could be claimed from Westminster without any documentation.

Have the tax authorities questioned such or is it the case that MPs are above the law?

Would it be too much to hope that our MEPs will shame the MPs by publishing their total public income and expenditure?



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