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Public sector workers right to go on strike

There will be much discussion in the near future of the industrial action by public sector workers. Apparently, pensions will be better than current arrangements.

If so, why do the public sector unions think they are unacceptable? We can't be arguing to keep what we have, if we can get better.

The truth is that people will pay more, work longer and get less when they retire.

The point is made that private sector workers pay for public sector pensions, but the superannuation scheme is self-funding.

Why are private pensions not as good? Maybe because pension fund managers take high commission and invest badly.

Beyond finances, there are other changes, with the retirement age rising to 67, possibly 70.

Do you want your five-year-old, or 15-year-old, taught by a 67-year-old teacher? A paramedic aged 67 giving you resuscitation?

With staff all working an extra eight-10 years, there will be few opportunities for young people. Universities may as well be suspended, as there will be no need for new nurses, doctors, radiographers, physios or teachers.

Northern Ireland has a high ratio of public sector workers, so chances are you will have a family member affected.

There will be much criticism of the one-day strike. But people believe they need to make a stand.




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