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Pundits dribble over 'Derry Diego' McCourt

Was watching it all the way. This was better than any of the above-mentioned goals. Absolutely brilliant. Well done, Pat. Are you 'Messi in disguise' McCourt?

Bacon Baps

He has been known for some time now as the 'Derry Pele'. It is good that people from all over the world have found out something that Derry people have known for years - that Paddy McCourt is a football genius.


How come it took the IFA so long to recognise the great talent that is Paddy McCourt? Could it have anything to do with the teams he played for - Derry City and Celtic? Would he have been discovered earlier if he had played for, let's say, Linfield and Rangers? Just a thought. What do you think?


Annieannieannie: maybe Celtic are bigoted - they only played him four times in 2008/2009 and nine times in 2009/2010.


Annieannieannie: "How come it took the IFA so long to recognise the great talent that is Paddy McCourt." He played several times for the under-21s and made his full international debut, aged 19, in 2002. How much earlier would you have liked him to be selected?

Darwin is God

The IFA recognised him when he was playing for their under-21s. Or even his senior debut in 2002. Does that count or are the IFA still 'bigots'?


A great, great goal from a great player. Paddy McCourt has got great pace and amazing ability. He should be playing for a lower Premiership club or a high Championship club. I can't believe he doesn't get off the bench at Celtic. If McCourt got off the bench and got regular starts, he would have so much potential and I think the more he would get to play, the better he would get. McCourt needs a chance to get off that bench.


Ach, he should have played for his country.



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