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Purpose of new green cycle box still a mystery

Malachi O'Doherty (Comment, November 12) says that cyclists feel intimidated when stopped in one of those green boxes which have mysteriously appeared at most (but not all) road junctions.

I have yet to see a cyclist stopped in one. Their purpose eludes me.

Are cyclists expected to thread their way up through traffic stopped at a junction and take up a position in the green box, thus placing themselves in a vulnerable position when traffic is released and they must be overtaken again?

Perhaps Malachi, or even some of the cycling organisations, could inform motorists as to the legal status of the green boxes, including any relevant legislation.

For example, is it an offence for a motorist to stop in a green box? No one to whom I have spoken seems to know.

I raise these points for the benefit of both cyclists and motorists and in the interests of improved road safety.



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