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Put CCTV cameras in animal laboratories

Vivisectionists have, predictably, objected strongly to the condemnation of Sir David Attenborough and others to the use of primates in cruel experiments.

I would go further than Sir David and say that experimenting on any animal that obviously cannot either give or withhold their consent - and God knows if they could they would surely withhold it - is one of the most extreme forms of immoral behaviour perpetrated by humans.

Animals are used in experiments because we can dominate them. Be they primates, dogs, cats or rodents, they cannot escape from their laboratory prisons and have no choice whatever about the gruesome tests inflicted upon them.

All laboratories (and, indeed, slaughter houses) should have compulsory CCTV cameras operating at all times and the film should be freely available to the public. I believe in both cases public revulsion at what was revealed would mean changes would be inevitable and rapid.


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